By: Prime Hall, Co-Founder of Deep End Fitness and the Underwater Torpedo League
May 27, 2020

F.R.E.E. is an Operating System created by two former Special Operations Marines that is now used by Olympic Athletes, top NFL players, UFC athletes, pro surfers and more. Several years ago, my partner and Master Instructor Trainer Don Tran and I were looking for a simple way to break down and maximize our coaching methods and the way we train. This where we came up with the acronym F.R.E.E. which stands for Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing. Don and I go back to 2009 where we met at Marine Special Operations training and quickly became friends. After getting out in 2017, Don and I have trained over a thousand athletes and swimmers throughout Southern California and in key cities around the United States.

The F.R.E.E. Principles can be broken down into these self reflection questions:

Focus – What is your vision and what are your top three strategic goals? What drag can you eliminate from your life, schedule, or pattern to align more with your passion and purpose?

Relaxation – How can you control the stressors in your life and bring calm to your storms? How can you create more balance in your life to increase performance?

Economy of Motion – How can you eliminate things out of your life that create drag to add more flow and bring you closer to your goals and vision?

Efficient Breathing – How are you managing your gas (energy) tank? What breathing techniques can you utilize to maximize performance and/or enhance focus? Introduce diaphragmatic breathing work and basic breath hold work to gain better relationship with your breath.   

We have not only tested and refined the F.R.E.E. principles working with a range of professional athletes but we have also utilized these principles during corporate leadership, wellness, and executive team building events. As we trained and coached more and more high performing teams and individuals, we started to incorporate the principles from the pool into enhancing real life performance. For example, in the pool any extra or bad form movements create unwanted drag. We apply the fundamentals of economy of motion to minimize unnecessary movement or effort not only in your exercise movements but relate this to our lives in many ways. Minimizing extra movement throughout our daily routines can save us time and reduce unwanted stress. Once we have full economy of motion where everything is working for us and we don’t have any extra or bad movement, we can enter a natural flow state.

Over the last two years we have taken part in over a dozen fight camps for UFC and Bellator fighters, many of them championship fights. Using the principles F.R.E.E., we have coached top fighters to reach completely new levels with their professional and personal performance in every aspect of their lives. We have seen countless transformations take place in our athletes using the F.R.E.E. Operating system.  

“The concept of F.R.E.E. has been a game changer for me both within training and my personal life. Focus for me has made me more mindful of my life. I have a better perspective of what I want to achieve within training. In my personal life I am able to make goal focused decisions.”  
- Liz Carmouche, Professional Bantamweight MMA Fighter

As coaches, we love to see our athletes transform and reach new levels that they never even saw possible. We have taken the lessons we have learned working with the fighters, the NFL athletes, and all of the other swimmers and athletes that we have put them into the F.R.E.E. Guidebook. This program starts with an initial 4 week program broken down into 4 phases: the Crawl Phase, Walk Phase, Run Phase, and Fly Phase.

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