DEF Licensee Process Breakdown



Instructor Certification through DEF

Complete Tier 1 and Tier 2 Certification through Deep End Fitness.


Submit Application / Essay / Location

Complete general application and location for licensing with essay.



Submit and be approved for DEF Insurance.



Submit payment for your first year as a DEF Licensee.


License Agreement

E-sign the annual licensee agreement.



Congratulations! You are an official licensee.


The initial process would be to attend our Deep End Fitness Tier 1 Instructor Course. We currently run courses every 3 months in Southern California and in other cities depending on the demand signal of that specific area. Mobile training team (we come to you) available upon request.

Once you pass the course, there is a minimum time of 3 months as a Tier 1 Instructor practicing our methodology and safety procedures before applying to be a Tier 2 Instructor. Once you have completed the Tier 2 Instructor Course, you can apply to be a DEF Licensee where you are able to utilize our Brand Name and Training Programs.

With application provide the location of where you intend to utilize the DEF License, with information of swimming pools and person in charge of each pool to contact for coordination of program and insurance. In your essay, include (but not limited to) why you want to become a licensee, vision and value proposition to participants, and how you plan to grow your athletes and the DEF brand in your area.

The cost to attend a Tier 1 Instructor Course is $300 USD.
The cost to attend a Tier 2 Instructor Course is $500 USD.
A Deep End Fitness Licensee pays an annual fee of $2500 USD.

Once you have become a Tier 1 Instructor our network and training opens up for you to attend and try out to help build your understanding as a Deep End Fitness Instructor. You will be assigned a DEF mentor to assist you in the process.

Licensing allows you to legally use the Deep End Fitness trademark, and offer Deep End Fitness training at one physical location. Your pool can easily participate in Deep End Fitness HQ events such as the DEF Challenge. We’ll help you market your pool in their area via social media pages and monthly newsletters.

As a DEF Licensee, you also get priority access to support from our Legal Team. Your pool will also be considered for features on and social media pages if you send and submit your photos and content.

To apply and get additional information please contact us below.

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