F.R.E.E. Your Mind

Performance Based Operating System. Focus, Relaxation, Economy of motion, Efficient Breathing.

Prime Hall and Don Tran are former Marine Raider (special operations) veterans and water survival instructors that have trained and coached thousands of individuals within the operating system F.R.E.E. to produce extreme results in physical and mental performance in their everyday lives. Prime blends his real-life experience from combat and managing stress under extreme situations, along with his experience in business (co-founder of Underwater Torpedo League) and coaching elite athletes from UFC fighters, NFL players, Olympians, and more to help transform lives with the coaching principles of F.R.E.E. where it is encouraged to “Go Deep, Live Empowered” and evolve into the best version of yourself.

Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion and Efficient Breathing

Stepping into your power.

With elite coaching in Mental Focus, Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient breathing, Prime has coached hundreds of individuals and elite athletes from NFL, UFC, Olympians, Business Executives, challenged athletes and more to break through self-limiting beliefs and “glass ceilings” in order to step into their true power and unlock their maximum potential.

Unlock new levels in your relationships

Eliminating drag and maximizing flow are key components of the F.R.E.E. program. After training elite athletes and individuals from all walks of life, we have learned experientially as coaches that fulfillment in relationships is key to unlocking our highest performance.

Achieving Health and Fitness Goals

Better management of energy and efficient breathing unlocks higher levels of performance. This has been proven and tested with over two thousand athletes and swimmers that have applied the F.R.E.E. principles. Applying the work and holding yourself accountable with your own coach will maximize your results and ensure all of your training goals are exceeded.

Focus brings clarity / enhanced purpose.

Mental Focus training and development allows us to declutter our mind and our lives to focus clearly on our purpose and goals.
This has proven to be the most effective tool in coaching.

Proven Experience

The program has been built, tested, and utilized by current US Military Special Operations, Professional MMA Fighters, Olympic Athletes/Coaches, NFL Players, Pro Surfers, and High Level Business Executives.


(Elite Coach - Co-Founder of DEF and UTL, Former Special Operations Marine Raider and Water Survival Instructor, USC EMBA, San Diego Sports Innovators). For several years, Prime has successfully used the techniques in this workbook to coach world class athletes, business executives, and military Special Operations candidates looking to perform at a higher level. The immediate result has been a powerful shift in their lives. Prime’s goal is to facilitate lasting, life changes with as many as possible that in turn will create a better society.


(Master Trainer - Co-Founder of DEF and UTL, Former Special Operations Marine Raider and Water Survival Instructor, Chapman University B.S. Business Administration, CFL1, CPT). Don has a passion for coaching, relentless training, and intensive preparation. Don applies his real-world experience as a small unit leader in the military and business entrepreneur to coach efficient movement and mental fortitude through the DEF and UTL Program. Don strives to help athletes and individuals overcome fears and break boundaries. He currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area.

Coaching Package Levels

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