Military Prep

The DEF Military Prep Program is a 4-week training program designed for individuals aiming to develop confidence, water-based skills, strength and endurance to significantly increase their overall chances for success in various echelons of military training. The main focus of this program is to build strength, speed, muscle endurance, CO2 tolerance and VO2 max (lung capacity) both in and out of the water. The course will consist of (4) 2hr long weekend sessions and military coaching and mentoring with our former Special Operations Marine Raider Staff.

Benefits of the Program
Individuals will have the opportunity to train in a stress-free environment which allows them to focus on achieving the training milestones in the program. They will have access to 1 on 1 coaching with instructors to maintain accountability, work on mindset and well-being.

Gear List
-Goggles and Dive Mask
-Swim Cammies (Military Uniform Utilities)
-Dive Fins 

$250 for 4 week program

DEF Master Trainer Rick Briere

Former Marine Raider and currently a DEF/UTL Master Trainer with 2 years experience with DEF/UTL.

Please contact DEF Master Trainer Rick Briere at for dates, times, and locations.