DEF Tier 1 Instructor

A DEF Tier 1 Instructor is the foundation for all DEF training and programs, therefore the backbone of our organization. All Tier 1 Instructors must retain annual currency and operate under supervision and guidance of a DEF Tier 2 Instructor to plan and execute all training. Completion of the Tier 1 Certification program is a demonstration in mastering the basics of instruction of aquatic safety/risk management, water confidence training from beginner to advanced levels, a basic understanding of aquatic fitness programming, and maintaining currency with their CPR/AED certification.

1. Have coaching or fitness instructor experience
2. Have swimming or water experience
3. Able to conduct the DEF Screener:
    a. 10min water tread
    b. 25m 10lb brick tow
    c. Deep end mask retrieval
    d. 25m underwater crossover

This 1-day course focuses on our training methodology focusing on the principles of FREE, mental Focus, on-demand Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing. The program includes instruction on training your mind, the Deep End Fitness culture, principles, pool safety, pool instruction methods, breathing drills and techniques, water confidence drills, the DEF Screener, and elements of a DEF workflow. The seminar includes one DEF workout that will focus on teamwork, mental fortitude and the principles of FREE.

The Tier 1 Instructor Course is the first step on the pathway to being a DEF Fully Certified Instructor, it will give you the teaching tools to build upon your own skills as an athlete but also allow you to give the knowledge to teach others.

To sign up for a seminar you must pay the full course fee. This payment is non-refundable.

Upon completing the Deep End Fitness Tier 1 Instructor Course, NASM, AFAA and ACE will award you 8 CEUs.