DEF Tier 2 Instructor

The Tier 2 Certificate Course is an intermediate-level instructor course that builds on the concepts and principles introduced during the Tier 1 Certificate Course. This course is suitable for experienced DEF Instructors that meet the DEF standard of pool safety and providing highest quality of coaching to their athletes. Tier 2 participants will enhance their understanding of the DEF methodology, workflow design, and implementation. They also advance their skills while coaching others in movements and workouts.

DEF Tier 2 Participants must be able to pass the Tier 2 Screener prior to training:
1. Swim 300 meters under 7 minutes
2. 50 meter Brick Tow
3. 50 meter UWC (25x2)
5. 4 minute Bobs

Course Objectives
1. Understanding and implication of Water Safety procedures
2. Presentation, demonstration, execution, and instruction of ALL water and ground movements (Arm action, leg action, body position, breathing and glide), breathing techniques, and DEF Principles.
3. Develop an effective and understandable DEF Session Workflow and Program

Minimum time as a Tier 1 is 3 months and the ability to lead a DEF Session safely and effectively.