F.R.E.E. Your Mind Guidebook

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The F.R.E.E Your Mind Guidebook is an interactive, step-by-step guidebook that makes the growth mindset a part of every day, every interaction, and every plan.
Designed for the busy individual, this guidebook is filled with self-reflective prompts, critical thinking exercises, and so much more. It includes space to:
• Gain Mental Focus
• Reflect Throughout your Week
• Strategize Meaningful Discussion
• Exercise Mental Focus
• Practice Self Talk and Mindset Language
• Set Achievable Goals
• Explore Your Successes and Failures

There are no exams or tests. There is no right or wrong way to use this guide.

1. Assessment / Crawl Phase
2. Walk Phase
3. Run Phase
4. Fly Phase

Within Each Week, The Reflection Will Be Focused On Four Operating Principles:
1. Focus
2. Relaxation
3. Economy of Motion
4. Efficient Breathing
This phased approach and its principles are used to maximize efficiency, create better habits, and reduce drag throughout your weeks and your life thereafter.
The purpose of this guidebook is to show you (the User), the power of mindset in achieving your goals.
In this guidebook, we show how our life successes in business, work, sports, art, relationships, and almost every other human aspiration can drastically improve with self-talk and how we perceive our own talents and abilities.
People with a fixed mindset believe that their basic abilities, intelligence, and talents are fixed traits. In a growth mindset, however, people understand that their abilities and intelligence continue to develop with discipline, effort, continued learning, and persistence.